Lockdown Acceptance

I've been wild about the Black Hare Press Lockdown anthology covers since they released them, but none of them have been quite as beautiful to me as Lockdown Paranormal Romance #2. The moment I saw it, I knew I'd have to scrounge something off my harddrive, take it through the revision process, and send it out into the world, even if it was originally written for another anthology. So I was thrilled last night to find an email in my inbox saying my short story "Changeling" had been accepted for publication. When I moved to Scotland, I started studying local folklore and found myself fascinated by changeling literature. There are a lot of books from the POVs of children who've been spirited away to the faerie realm or parents who've been left behind (and usually have to embark on a quest to save their real child). What we don't see often is the POV of the changelings themselves who've been abanoned in a world of finger-paints and boxed lunches and Saturday morning cartoons. In "Changeling", one of these left-behinds tries to find his way back home. And, as always, things don't go as planned.

I've written over 69,000 words this month, but almost all of them have been for the third draft of my novel. I continue to wake up every morning ready and raring to write, delighted by how all the different plot-threads are falling into place, but it means all calls for submissions have been struck from my calendar. I'm dedicating two weeks at the beginning of June entirely to short stories, a brief hiatus before tackling revisions and the fourth draft, but expect fewer updates about acceptances for a while.


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