July 2020 (and Goodreads Reviews)

Here are the stats for June:

60,975 words written
2 submissions
4 acceptances
2 rejections (maybe 3?)

I currently have eight short stories out in the world waiting for a YES or NO.

Maybe three rejections because one anthology seems to be in the copywriting process, but I never received a yes or no either which way and communications through social media have been spotty at best. So I've logged it as a rejection with a question mark. Who knows really? The other two rejections were from an anthology that accepted three submissions per author but only one would be accepted for publication: one of mine got accepted and therefore the other two went on the chopping block. Onto the spreadsheet of doom they go!

Lots of acceptances this month which was especially good news. My nana passed away about a week ago. I come from a very small family (mother, father, nana) so losing one of them was definitely a blow, even though we'd been expecting her death for a while. She raised me from infancy through the end of elementary school, and I've been receiving text-message transcriptions all week of poems written by yours truly that were stashed on her bookshelves. Most of them are dire. Much like her older counterpart, little V. A. Vazquez was not much of a poet. Suffice to say, all the acceptances made this month a little more joyful.

I'll be posting my Q2 2020 update later this month with more information about all of this quarter's acceptances. Right now, I'm working on my edits for Eerie River Publishing's It Calls from the Sky and preparing my manuscript for submission to the Romantic Novelists' Association's New Writer's Scheme. I just finished re-reading my third draft and jotting down comments. I'm hoping to complete a fourth draft by the time the manuscript's due at the end of August. I was secretly hoping I'd re-read this draft, realize it's nothing short of genius, and be able to submit it as-is. Ha. There are huge plot holes that need to be paved over, an inconsistent tone that shifts from rom-com to horror every other chapter, and the male romantic lead? Total jackass. I've already started giving it a completer overhaul. Or I should say another complete overhaul.

There was one more bright spot this month: Goodreads reviews. I know, I know. Don't read the reviews. But they've started going online for Eerie River Publishing's It Calls from the Forest: Volume Two, and like the thirstiest of thirsty bitch authors, I could not resist taking a peek. It's one thing for your family or friends or even editors to enjoy reading your work; it's another thing when you read words of praise from complete strangers. Seeing "Dating in Murderville" get consistently shouted-out as a highlight of the anthology was such a thrill. I am so thankful for every reader who's picked up this anthology so far and encourage everyone to pre-order their own copy! Even if you're not into serial killers and exploitative YouTube channels (what's wrong with you?), you're bound to find stories in It Calls from the Forest that you'll fall in love with.

Spoilers: in my next entry, you'll learn all about "Tenure", my contribution to Eerie River's next incredible anthology!


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