Fair Warning Online Now

You can now read "Fair Warning" online at Eerie River Publishing's blog! I'm really impressed with the cover graphic Eerie River designed for this short story. I don't know if they always planned to use that photo, but it really captures the ambiance of Cawdrey's. Specifically the storage rooms in the back where they stock all the artifacts for auction. I imagine it's just a cluttered jumble of dream bones and retroscopes and enchanted teacups back there.

I wish I could submit an entry for carnival and circus this month. Alas, I need to buckle down and focus on getting through the third draft of The Black Book of Hours. I'm already much more smitten with the characters than I was during the first or second drafts. Their relationships feel more organic, and their reactions to certain scenarios are believable now. (Although I'll still be ironing out the kinks for the next few months/years.) I've read so many articles about how your first few books usually never get published. Brandon Sanderson submitted something like seven full-length novels for publication before he finally received an acceptance letter. It's a little demoralizing to know these characters (Aisling MacEwan and Company) will probably never see the light of day. But at the same time, they'll always live on my hard-drive. Even if The Black Book of Hours gets trunked, they may find their way into publication as characters in someone else's story or in a complete overhaul of the original narrative. And, hey, who knows? Maybe I'll get lucky on my first attempt. Doubtful but it's worth writing the best book one can just in case.


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